The bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:23 – … “I am allowed to do anything”—but not everything is good for you. You say, “I am allowed to do anything”—but not everything is beneficial.”
Just because some of the restrictions are lifted doesn’t mean that we should throw away the advice. We need to take others into consideration when we follow the guidelines

• All are welcome to attend CONNECTION Church but please use wisdom and personal discretion. Please stay at home if feeling sick.

• We welcome guests to join us at any time.

• If you have experienced any COVID-19-related symptoms in the last two weeks, if you have compromising health issues, or if you’re not sure to attend, we STRONGLY advise you to stay at home and continue to join us for worship either on our website  YouTube or Facebook Page. It’s better to be SAFE than SORRY.

Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before worship begins. Upon arrival, please enter the venue to be seated.

• We have hand sanitation areas available in the foyer for your convenience.

In order to protect all who come, we will continue to have a one-way only traffic flow inside our building.

• Doors will be propped with doorstops to minimize any and all contact.

• People will be able to enter through the MAIN Door. Signage will be able to direct people in the right direction.

• People will be able to enter the worship center through the normal entrance.

• After the service, people will exit through the LEFT side doors toward the parking lot from which they came.

Someone at the main entrance door and at the worship center doors will be ready to greet you as you arrive.

• Masks are NOT MANDATORY. But we do strongly advise using face covering when you walk around the building or talking to someone.

• Be sensitive to others regarding physical contact. We ask everyone to please maintain proper social distance.  

• In order to keep all safe, we are asking that everyone honors these guidelines.

People will be directed to their seats.

• Do NOT move any chairs, please. If you need a chair to be moved or added ask one of the volunteers at the door.

• Families are to be seated together.  Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to have Sunday School for Children every week. The children MUST remain with the family for the entire service.

• The worship center will be sanitized prior to and following all services.

• In order to keep all safe, we are asking that everyone honors these guidelines.

At this STAGE, we will NOT offer any refreshments.

No bulletins or any other items will be available. Bibles, pens, notepads and all other informational items have been removed. Bring your own Bible if you can.

All internal church doors and windows will remain open for a well-ventilated place.

Both toilet blocks can be used.  There will be only one person at a time allowed in the toilets. After using the facility please sanitize it immediately. There will be Antibacterial Sanitising Wipes available to be used. Anyone who uses the facility please be responsible and sanitize it yourself.

Worship through Giving and The Lord’s Supper is part of our DNA.

• Giving – we will continue to encourage online giving and for your convenience, there will be an offering box available at the exit.

• Lord’s Supper – we will share the Lord’s Supper differently without having to pass the elements and/or compromising your safety. The Lord’s Supper will NOT be served on a regular basis. At the right time, you will be informed how and when we will have the Lord’s Supper.

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